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Worm Shafts

We manufacture worm shafts according to technical documentation or according to a sample piece. In dimensions from 100mm to 1000mm in diameter. (depending on the pitch and diameter of the pipe). We produce screw material from the material 11 373, 11 523, Hardox.

Worm gears

We produce worm gears by the method of cold pressing, where we are able to guarantee the accuracy and stability of the material, which is especially important for pressing the Hardox material. We are able to press material 11373 and 11523 up to a thickness of 20 mm and Hardox 450 up to a thickness of 12 mm. (depending on the diameter of the pipe and the pitch of the auger)



  • CNC horizontal boring machine VHN 13,8 | Feed length options: X = 3500 mm / Y = 2500 mm / Z = 1500 mm / W = 800 mm
  • FGU 32 universal milling machine
  • Universal milling machine 6P82
  • Universal milling machine FGS32 / 40 | Working range 400 x 1000 mm


  • SUS80 / 500 lathe Maximum diameter = 600 mm / Maximum length = 5000 mm
  • MASTURN 54/800 CNC lathe
  • MASTURN 54/1500 CNC lathe
  • Thread cutting lathe for pipes 1A983 (spindle passage 300 mm)
  • SUI 40 lathe
  • SUI 50 lathe
  • BPA 20 Surface grinding machine 20
  • BHU 28/1000 Circular grinding machine

Structures and steel parts

We manufacture and install bolted or welded steel structures for construction, industry and individuals. We also produce weldments and semi-finished products for the automotive and construction industries according to customer requirements.

Plasma and autogenous cutting

We perform CNC cutting on a Vanad CNC Proxima machine with a table size of 2000x6000mm.

We are able to fire cuts into force:
Plasma – up to 35mm thick
Autogen – reach 100mm

Commonly used materials: 11 523 (S355), 11 373 (S235) and abrasion-resistant materials such as Hardox and CDP, …


We punch sheets on the Trumf 310 CNC machine with a maximum sheet size of 1450x2500mm

Sheets in quality 11 373 (S235) from 3mm to 12mm thick
Sheets in quality 17 240 and Hardox 400 up to 3 mm thick

Carbide spraying

For efficient use of worm shafts, we have a carbide spray with a hardness of 60HRC on the blades of the worm gear.

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